Services & pricing

Services, process & pricing

Each garden is different and each garden’s needs are different, but here I hope to give you an idea of the services I offer and the prices I charge.

Garden design:

Usually this begins with an initial visit for which I don’t charge. This meeting will usually takes up to two hours in which I will get a feel for what you want and your garden. Afterwards we will arrange a time for a site survey and then I will then draw up two or three concept sketches and get them across to you by post or email.

When you have had time to consider these initial designs we will usually arrange another meeting and then I will go away and draw up detailed drawings and a detailed planting plan. For this meeting, the survey and for work on the drawings and the planting plan I charge £27 per hour.

Some clients just want a specific area of their gardens re-designed, or perhaps a re-design plan spread over several years which can be a great way of allowing the garden to grow and develop over time and I very much enjoy working with clients in ‘phases’ like this.

Garden creation:

With the finalisation and approval of the design confirmed we then move on to the garden’s creation. For this I usually work on an hourly rate of £18 with the client buying the materials (although I am very happy to resource these). For larger projects Landscape contractors will be provided or you may want to hire a contractor yourself.

I am also happy to provide good quality plants from trusted nurseries at competitive prices. I can provide most herbaceous perennials, in a 9 cm sized pot, I can provide at a cost of £2.50 per plant.

Garden upkeep:

I visit some clients’ gardens on a regular basis (usually fortnightly) and some clients just need help a few times a year with seasonal tasks such as winter pruning or a yearly dressing/mulching of the soil.

Many clients are keen gardeners and simply require me to visit once or twice in the spring to prepare the garden for the season ahead and to perhaps return again on the late autumn for a garden tidy up.

I am happy to discuss your specific requirements and once we decide what they are, my hourly rate is £18 exclusive of any materials, such as mulches and feeds.

Every few years herbaceous borders need rejuvenating; some plants need dividing and some replacing or perhaps the client wants to reconsider the whole planting plan in the border. I am very happy to offer this service. I charge £27 per hour to draw up detailed planting plans and £18 per hour for work on the rejuvenation of the border.

Soil refreshment service:

The key to success in the garden is always in the soil and this is the approach that I take to gardening. Over digging the garden, the use of synthetic fertilizers, the use of herbicide and pesticide all gradually destroy the soil’s health. I offer a soil refreshment programme, devised for each individual garden that aims to restore soil back to optimum health. It is hard to say how much labour is required here but this can be discussed after an initial free of charge visit. My charge for the plan is £18 per hour exclusive of any required materials such as mulch.

You are welcome to contact me here to arrange a meeting to discuss your individual requirements.