The flowering microcosm

The flowering microcosm. Creating beauty in small spaces.

Having a small space to garden in doesn’t mean being unable to create an abundant garden to enjoy. A small patio, balcony, roof terrace or even a window sill affords an opportunity to create a beautiful garden, a chance to grow displays of living colour. Given the right size pot and by being provided the right type of soil and conditions most plants will thrive in containers. And growing a plant this way means we can keep its growth to a manageable size, which is important when space is limited.


When growing plants in containers it is important to remember that unlike a plant in the border out in the garden, our container plant is totally reliant upon us for its water and nutrients. This works both ways; just as the naturally hungry and thirsty plant such as a rose will need to be satisfied in a container, a plant such as a poppy or a cornflower that thrives in poor soil will be more at risk of being over-watered and over-fed in a pot. However, when we know what the plant needs this extra care all adds to the rewards and satisfaction that come from mindfully tending plants.


It is the very reason that necessitates the extra care for our plants in containers that brings about one of the great advantages of growing in pots; we can provide the specific requirements for any given plant in a container in a way that might be harder out in the open border and we can create the ideal environment. Thus the lover of camellias and azaleas can enjoy camellias and azaleas despite living on chalky land and the rose lover can enjoy an abundance of rose blooms despite having the most sandy of soils in their garden. Growing in containers often gifts us more opportunities than growing out in the open border, we can create the ideal growing environment.


All of the images here are of plants that are grown by me in containers, the enormous variety and scope of plants we can grow in this way means that we can create pretty much any garden that we can imagine using containers and can enjoy abundant and colourful displays all year round.


As without, so within. Just as the most important aspect of our garden is the soil’s health, the health of the soil we use in containers is of crucial importance, and we will be rewarded for the care and attention we put into this and it is this nurturing in itself that is one of the great joys of gardening.

Please don’t let a perceived lack of space deter you from creating a wonderful garden; it really needn’t.

If you would like help in designing and creating a container garden, I can offer various packages involving different levels of involvement in the design, creation and upkeep process. Please contact me here.



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